Our People 

Co-Owner Terry, has had a long history of popping corn and serving up quality treats. His entrepreneurial adventure began back in 2003 with a restaurant, catering followed by concessions in hockey arenas. Being a visionary with a big work ethic, he also took on pitching a tent and serving food or popcorn and treats at various events.


Prior to the Covid-19 lockdown in March 2020, Terry was operating a couple of small concessions at Budweiser Gardens in London and in food sales to restaurants. Being out of work, Terry started selling popcorn through the Snack City Popnotch Facebook page and offering porch delivery. Terry then decided to offer Market Days out of his shop at home which received a great response and support from most, with the exception of a neighbor. Since his property is zoned residential and not commercial, he was forced to close down at which time he began looking for commercial space to lease, and here he is.

Our Products

It is our goal to serve up premium quality in every bag of popcorn that we sell. All our popcorn is made in small batches to ensure quality and flavour. We do our best to listen to customer ideas and preferences and have come up with a variety of flavours that satisfy a wide range of pallets, such as savoury, spicy and sweet. We are pleased to say that we are using Ontario grown popping corn and are committed to supporting our local farmer.